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The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) is asking for a new “Graduate Student” membership category for graduate students through a bylaw amendment.

The amendment proposes that after one year, graduate student members would get the right to vote on the same matters that other members presently do:

APA President-Elect and Board Members-at-Large
Bylaw Amendments
Apportionment Ballots

The time is now to support graduate student voting rights considering the current socio-cultural-economic climate.

An objective of the new APA Strategic Plan is to “Prepare the discipline and profession of psychology for the future” with the goal to “attract, diversify, develop, and support the next generation of psychology professionals.”

Allowing graduate students the right to vote in APA directly aligns with this objective.

Granting voting rights reflects the values of unity, diversity, and inclusion and takes steps to actualize these values through policy that attracts, engages, and supports the next generation of psychology professionals.

Current racial identity of APA Graduate Students versus APA Full Members.

Why support graduate student voting rights?


Voting YES aligns APA with the American Medical Association, American Counseling Association, American Educational Research Association, American Chemical Society, and countless other associations that have found student voting led to more engaged students and stronger leadership pathways.


Voting YES will help address the ongoing loss of students members by engaging this missing member segment in today's issues, thereby strengthening APA's longevity and societal relevance.


Voting YES tells 21,000 people who have committed to advanced degrees in Psychology that APA is invested in supporting and hearing from the next generation.


Voting YES brings us closer to new, informed perspectives that are critical as we seek to make APA a professional home to all who are affected by important decisions within the organization.

Who supports this?

Click here to read about the APA graduate students, members, board of directors, council of representatives, SPTAs, divisions, and presidential candidates who support graduate student voting rights.

Click here for a Voting Guide!

How do I vote?

APA full members will receive a ballot via email. The email subject will be "2020 Apportionment and Bylaws Amendment Election Ballot." Ballots are open from November 1 - December 16, 2020.

VOTE YES on APA Bylaw Amendment Change "Voting privileges and new membership category for graduate students."

Didn’t receive your ballot? Check spam for a message from, and if still nothing, please contact APA’s Elections Office by emailing or by calling 202-336-6087.

What else can I do to show my support?

Pledge Your Support here and join the many others who support this bylaw amendment.

Spread the word to your network. Ask at least 5 other APA members to also vote YES. Last year, we were only 58 votes shy (less than 1%) of passing the amendment, so every vote counts!

by forwarding this website to your APA Division, your state psychological association, or other email lists.

Share this website and the following hashtags on social media to expand our reach:

Thank you for your support!